England – Recap


Landing in Chicago. Gorgeous!

We overall had a really good time in England. It was so nice to see my sisters and brother, and my niblings! The most important thing they did for me is talk to me, and let me talk about, my motherhood experience. Most people I’ve spoken to seem to want to avoid bringing it up in case they remind me or upset me, so talking about Penelope with my sisters felt like a really nice way to honour her. My older nieces (6 & 8) understand that Penny grew in my tummy and was born straight into heaven. My eldest niece had a teacher who died, so she decided she’s the one looking after Penelope until I die. My sisters and I compared pregnancies, labour experiences, plans for my future, etc., and they encouraged me to try again as soon as possible. Which I was planning to do anyway, but it is nice to have support because I was worrying about being judged.

But we are REALLY glad to be back home. We missed our creature comforts like under-floor heating, proper water pressure (showers in England feel like you’re being slightly dribbled on by a tall Scotsman), and toilets that flush on the first try. Floors that don’t creak, doors that close all the way (and lock), and our own car used to be things we took for granted, but now we really appreciate. We didn’t get to do all the touristy things I had planned – we ran out of money and time – but we kept busy and had lots of fun.

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  1. Amen for the proper water pressure! I’ve never been dribbled on by a Scotsman, but I’ve showered in England so I guess I have. Glad you enjoyed your trip.

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