Of Gas & Groceries

About 6 months ago, our budget alloted $200 per month for gas. This month we re-calculated based on what we’re actually using, and it went down to $100. I was expecting having 2 cars to mean double the gas bill, but we halved it! Hooray!

I think it’s mainly because we drove so many extra trips dropping each other off/picking each other up when we were sharing a car, that it wasn’t only a pain in the butt, it was costing us money. Yes, it was still saving us compared to when we shared a car with even worse mileage, but I believe something can cost you money and save you money at the same time.

Speaking of spending to save, we’re having far too much fun with coupons. On March 16 we hit the stores for double day, and we started with one perfectly planned order ($25 worth of stuff for $11), and a seat-of-your-pants order that wasn’t quite worked out. We eventually went with 3 orders, a total of $101 before sales, and we only paid $43. We got chicken, brisket, ground beef, yoghurts, our favourite sodas, free chocolate pudding, frozen veggies, toiletries, and lots more!

I’m actually pretty amazed at how much “real” food we can get with our coupons. We even have milk and fruit coupons to use! The only downside is that the most abundant coupon item seems to be cereal, which we do eat, but now we probably have about a year’s supply! We haven’t really had to spend more than $1 per box, sometimes 50c per box, and the more you buy, the more coupons you get.

As well as THOSE savings, we’ve also cut our cell phone bill by around $30 just by calling them and seeing what kind of discounts we could get. Apparently his employer offers a 10% discount on our main line, so all we had to do was submit one of his paycheques to them.

God, I’m pretty proud of myself for saving all this money – so why don’t we HAVE any!?

Oh yeah, the clothes we bought. And the Kitchen-Aid mixer we just had to get. Oops!

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