Another Weekly Update

My last post contained the news of my pregnancy, but less than 8 short days after I found out about it, I was confirmed as miscarrying. So that’s what my week focused on – blood tests, waiting by the phone, knowing the answer but holding out hope anyway (I was lightly bleeding for a few days before the test – I knew it could be nothing, but I also knew it wasn’t nothing).

I took some days off work to recuperate, and I’m afraid of the drama when I go back. I’d rather not tell anyone or talk to anyone about it. My boss knows, so I won’t be fired, but that’s about it. I don’t think I’m strong enough to face outright pity just yet, or those horrible comments people think up on the fly to make you feel better.

And as if I needed any more proof, but this week shows me how amazing my husband really is. He has done everything for me this week, made all the meals, did all the shopping, bought me flowers, spoke to my boss on my behalf, checked out at the supermarket with a packet of giant sanitary pads and a pile of chocolate, and best of all, he keeps me feeling cheered up and makes me smile in a hundred different ways.

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