Winner :)

So I finished 50k words by Nov 29th – a day early! I also decided on a title – The Uncrowned - so I am officially a winner!

Now all I have to do is actually finish my novel (I would say I am about 3/4 of the way through). But first, it is time for some reflection, as prescribed by the the NaNo staff.

  1. What are you most proud of achieving this month?
    1. Aside from the obvious – 50k words – I am proud of myself for getting this far without giving up. I have never written this much of a novel before, and now that I can see the finish line, I am so proud of myself for sticking it out! I am proud that I wrote almost every day, and that for the most part, I stayed ahead of schedule.
  2. What did you learn about yourself as a writer?
    1. I learned that I am not as good a writer as I thought I was. I thought my book would come out perfectly written, with the perfect word choice, and nary a typo. I have learned that I write incredibly rough drafts, and my list of edits is only getting longer by the day! But I am okay with this :)
  3. What excites you about this draft of your NaNo-novel?
    1. I am excited that it is more complex and multi-faceted than I originally planned it to be. It started out as a straight-forward story idea, not even a subplot, but then I added elements as I was writing, and out sprung a subplot (warring witches). And I am excited that I had a change of heart, and made my ‘main’ romance a strong friendship instead, that I am proud of, because I wanted to break free of the romance-as-subplot trope. I like to think that I am being original haha.

What else? I am taking a few days off writing/editing, trying to get into the Christmas spirit a bit, and will get back to my novel in a couple more days. We have put up the tree, and wrapped my nieces and nephews presents and shipped them off to England.

I am hoping we can find a decent memorial ornament for Penny, for our tree. Most baby ones are ‘baby’s first Christmas’ which isn’t true in our case, since she will never know Christmas. I would like something simple and pink, and possibly customisable with her name and birthday. We have mostly generic baubles and bows and garlands on our tree, but we have a few things from hubby’s grandma who passed away, and an ornament from our first Christmas together as a married couple (well, as any kinda couple really), so it’d be nice to keep building up memories around Christmas.


So, November is shaping up to be a good month. I am keeping to my word-count goal and my calorie goal! I hit the library this morning to crank out my words (thankfully I am finally getting to an interesting part, 11.7k words in) and now I have the rest of the day free to get ahead of my goal, should I choose to. I’m getting to the part of the story that I was really looking forward to, ever since I thought of my idea.

So I am sitting, sipping coffee, and watching Bones. I had to wake up early this morning to drop hubby off at 7.30, then wait in my car until the library opened at 9, so I am enjoying being warm for a bit!

I have also stayed under my calorie goal for the past couple of days, despite intensely desiring all of the chocolate. But ya know what, I don’t need the chocolate. I don’t need to eat to the point of excess every night, as much as I may want to. I feel like I need to constantly learn that lesson!

No Weight Loss

Nope! Not this week. We had a birthday party, and last night I felt like eating an entire bag of Halloween candy, just because. So no loss this week, which is fine by me (I felt like I needed a week off). But now, I am motivated to get back into it. I’m gonna drag myself (and my hubby) out for a 30 minute walk after supper tonight, dark-and-coldness be damned.

In other news, I started NaNoWriMo! Eeek! I was a little above par yesterday (5k words), and only have 1.2k words to reach par today. I would like to stay ABOVE par to have a little buffer, but we shall see where my main character takes me :) I am not willing to talk to much about my story or characters right now, in case I burn myself out about it. I like keeping it a little bit secret – they say talking a lot about your goals gives you the mental sensation similar to accomplishing them, but I want to save that sensation for when I actually win!

I enjoyed going to the library to write, it is quiet and gave me a chance to get ahead on my wordcount, but the past few days it hasn’t been possible (thanks a lot, strange library opening hours!) – but I might see if I can go tonight when hubby gets home, or first thing tomorrow morning.

NSV Friday!

Happy Halloween everyone! We’re not huge Halloweeners so we’re staying in, and I’ll see if I can bug hubby into buying me Twixes and Almond Joys.

So, I thought I’d start the weekend off right by posting one of this week’s Non-Scale-Victories!

Firstly, let me tell you a story. This time last year, we got to dress up in costume for work. Which is a nice break from the dress-shirt-and-tie situation that everyone (ladies included) had to wear. So hubby and I went to Walmart to pick out a costume. And as anyone who has ever been shopping for Halloween outfits at Walmart knows, they’re pretty dreadful. We finally settled on a Robin Hood costume, which was clearly meant for guys, but works because I am from Nottingham and so was he. It was just the top/belt/foam bow and arrows, so I bought some green shorts, green tights, and some brown boots for cheap.

Bear in mind, I was quite pregnant at this point (not heavily so, just kinda sticking out a bit. I looked more fat than anything), and the zips to the cheap boots wouldn’t zip all the way up. I had to leave about an inch unzipped, and hoped no one would notice.

And they haven’t zipped up since. Each time I’ve tried them on, I’ve had to leave 1/2 an inch to an inch open. And forget about tucking anything in. I figured my calves were just super meaty and muscly, and I’d have to buy wide-calf varieties in the future.

Until last night! My hubby made me try them on, because he said I haven’t tried them on since I was about 206lbs. I feel like I tried them on more recently than that, but his weirdly specific memory made me doubt myself. So I tried them on and they zipped all the way up! So now I have an extra pair of boots that look awesome! (I have cute fluffy snow-boots, and recently bought some knee-highs on sale). It made me so happy! It’s nice to know that I actually have normal-sized calves, something I haven’t believed forever! And now I’m looking forward to them slimming down even more, now that I know it’s possible!


Last night, I had what hubby and I refer to as an ‘eat beast’ – meaning no matter the amount of food I put inside my body, I am not satisfied and still want to eat more. I usually get this a couple of days before my period is due. It is hard for me to get full when I have this affliction, and despite a hearty supper, I needed something more. So we made oatmeal cookies. And I ate 7 of them. With a glass of milk.

But I stepped on the scale this morning and I am down to 192.7lbs! Woo :)

So in the battle of Me vs. Eat Beast, it is Me: 1 and Eat Beast: 0. Now I am well on track to be in the 180’s by Christmas/New Year. Or even in 2 weeks! If I keep losing 1lb per week, I will be 184.7 by Christmas :D

I’m feeling good. I can’t necessarily ‘see’ the changes yet, hubby says my tummy/love handles have shrunk, but they will naturally shrink/tone up on their own during the post-partum period anyway. A couple more pairs of jeans fit me now – but I bought most of my jeans when I was in the 180’s, so still a few more pounds to go for better comfort (i.e. when I sit down). I think I was in denial about my weight gain, so may not ‘see’ a change until I am drastically lighter.

But emotionally, I feel like this is something I can do, and get done. I read through my blogs from last time I was losing this exact same weight – I was impatient about how slowly I was losing, and I gave up at the first sign of free food (Thanksgiving & Christmas). This time, my whole mindset is different. I never had mini-goals before – I just wanted to be 140-150lbs, as soon as possible. But this time I set myself achievable goals to stay on track. First, getting under 200lbs and getting out of the obese category, and then I decided on setting 10lb milestones. My 190lb milestone is coming up soon!

And I also have a plan for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Pretty much eat what I want on those days ONLY. I am not the type of person who can turn down deep-fried turkey, buttery mashed potatoes, and fresh baked pumpkin pie. And apple/pear wine. The calories definitely add up, but I just have to eat normally the rest of the week, and I should get away with it. My current weight loss goals ‘end’ at the New Year, and from there I will re-evaluate. Hopefully I will be in the low 180’s by then, and I can decide either to go into maintenance while trying for another baby, or lose a little more weight juust to tip myself into the 170’s.


So my latest weight is 194.2lbs! 

I am pretty excited, it means I have lost almost 16lbs so far, and 7.5lbs this month! I originally had a goal to lose 15lbs by Christmas, and have lost 11.3lbs since I made that goal. And with 9 weeks to go until Christmas, I guess I have two choices.

Either keep my deficit at 500 a day, but let myself eat extra at Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas, and stay on track for 4 more pounds lost by then, putting me at 190lbs. Or, I could really push myself to avoid the Halloween candy, exercise off the deep-fried turkey at Thanksgiving, and go easy on the Christmas cookies, and set my goal to lose 9 more pounds in 9 weeks! Then I could be 185lbs by then!

Part of me wants to take it easier, but the idea of being in the 180’s before the year is done is an exciting prospect. I want to be able to go to my pre-conception appointment with my high risk Dr. and weigh in almost 20lbs lighter than I was last time I got pregnant. I want ‘obese’ to be gone from my medical chart. i don’t want it to be a factor in my life or future.

Quick Post

I love losing weight! It really is the gift that keeps on giving :) you get the benefits of a healthier life AND a slimmer body! I love trusting the process, and being (almost) guaranteed to lose a little bit of weight, on time, roughly every few days. I love being able to eat pretty much whatever I want, as long as I stay mindful. I realise I may be one of the lucky ones – but I have had so much bad luck that I definitely feel like I deserve these victories.

We went to Wendy’s a couple of days ago, and I had the Son of a Bacon thing and a small fries – then we went for ice cream after! I prepared for it by having a very light lunch, and then drank plenty of water afterwards and went for a walk with hubby. I’m glad I didn’t have to ‘be good’ and eat a salad (which, at Wendy’s is 3-500 calories anyway, so you might as well have a burger!) and I’m glad I didn’t feel guilty about being a couple of hundred over. It didn’t destroy my progress, so all is good!

Today I weighed in at 196.7lbs – only 0.6lbs down from last week, but means I have lost 5lbs this month already! I could use this as an excuse to eat more for the rest of the month (I lost 5.1lbs last month, and I’d be perfectly happy with 5lbs a month), but I’m going to use it as fuel to maintain my deficit and hopefully lose another pound or two in the next 13 days!

Well, except today. I ate a good-sized breakfast (500+ calories) but threw it all up after taking my multi-vitamin :( so I have no idea how many calories I actually took in, and it could lead me to ‘going over’ because my stomach was emptied. But I’m not all that concerned, as long as I listen to my body.

I also have no idea why I barfed. I felt totally fine up until I took it. The iron in the multi-vitamins have made me nauseous before, but I have never thrown up from them (even when I took them on a completely empty stomach). Pregnancy is not possible as according to my charts I am not supposed to have even ovulated yet. I would blame it on the bad meat we ate last night, but hubby ate most of mine and he’s fine, plus the nausea was timed perfectly with taking the pill, and I felt fine again after puking.

But anyway, I’m chalking today up to a learning experience, and going to start taking my pill after dinner, just in case my stomach wasn’t full ‘enough’ today.